July 12, 2020

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Dairy farm for 3600 heads of milk cows in Narovchat district of Penza region


Cow barns
Maternity ward and calf village
Milking parlors
Manure handling
Fodder storage

Today the dairy farm for 3600 heads constructed by the company “Rusmolco” in village Potodeevo of Narovchat area, the Penza region is the first industrial livestock enterprise in the region.

 General view of the complex  View of the complex from the small parlor  View of the complex from the small parlor

The project was started on November 14, 2008 on the basis of the three-party agreement among the Government of the Penza region, “Russian Dairy Company”, and the Administration of Narovchat area; in compliance with this agreement each party undertook a number of obligations to execute the project. Due to active efforts of all the participants and despite the difficult economic situation in the country, already in September of 2010 the dairy farm was put into operation. The total sum of investments into the project amounted to 1,6 billion roubles.

The new dairy farm occupies an area of 44 ha and consists of 40 operation facilities. Among them there are five barns for cattle maintenance, two modern milking parlors – “rotary” and “parallel”, a unit for manure processing, a maternity pen, a heifer village, etc.

When designing the dairy farm in Narovchat area, specialists of “Rusmolco” considered the highest global requirements applicable to industrial livestock enterprises. The farm has the best technology, the most modern west equipment, and cattle with the highest genetic potential in the world. The dairy farm meets the highest global requirements that allow creating the most comfortable environment for animals and ensure efficiency of operating personnel.

The dairy farm is designed for 3600 heads of milking herd and has been populated by cattle of Holstein breed. Milk yields per cow exceed 9 tons of milk per year. Today the dairy farm in Narovchat is one of a few enterprises in the country that produce only premium quality milk and can meet high requirements of the biggest Russian and global processors.

Introduction of the farm of such a level in the Penza region produced an enormous social effect. New jobs with decent wages and comfortable working conditions have been created, payments to the budgets of all the levels have increased, the synergistic effect has worked. The project has given an impetus to development of dairy husbandry in the Penza region and has become a site for technologies fine-tuning and training of specialists from all over the region.

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