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About the company

The Russian Dairy Company (Rusmolco) is one of the leaders of the Russian dairy industry. It ranks within the top three largest milk producers in the Russian Federation and is the largest milk producer in the Penza region.


Rusmolco was established in October 2007 and started its business from restoration and reconstruction of obsolete dairy farms in the Penza region. Modern technologies were introduced at the farms that the company acquired in 2007-2008: new equipment was installed; old livestock was replaced by highly productive Holstein cows.

In 2012, Rusmolco entered into a strategic agreement and launched a joint venture with Olam International Limited, which marked a critical milestone in the development of Rusmolco’s business. Olam International Limited (OLAM) is a leading agribusiness operating from seed to shelf in 70 countries, supplying 44 different products across 16 platforms to over 14 000 customers worldwide. Olam ranks within the top six agriculture companies globally and within the top three agriculture companies in Asia.


Currently, Rusmolco runs its operations in the following areas of the Penza region: Nizhniy Lomov, Narovchat, Pachelma, Bashmakovo, Kamenka, Belynsk, Serdobsk, Kuznetsk, Kondol. Today Rusmolco is specialized in the dairy farming; feed, seed and crop production with the total herd of over 33,000 animals and 152,000 hectares of prime farmland under management. In 2022, Rusmolco’s milk output amounted to 147,000 tonnes. The best practices are carefully selected by our dairy experts and applied to our farms. This allows us to get premium quality milk at a reasonable cost of production.

Joint efforts of Rusmolco and Olam International are aimed at development of dairy farming, crop and seed productions in Russia. Till date, Rusmolco has successfully done several investment projects which are considered as the largest and most technologically advanced in Russia and the European continent.


Dairy farming - the main activity of Rusmolco - has been showing positive dynamics since the first year of operation.

Technologically advanced dairy farms of the Russian Dairy Company are designed for an optimal level of animal health and comfort with segregation at each life stage, protection from severe climatic changes, 24-hour feed availability through robotic pushers, sensor-based health monitoring, comfortable milking mechanisms and highly skilled human resources. Rusmolco has created an efficient dairy farming system with an average per cow productivity which is twice the national average.

Herd Regeneration: Rusmolco has a program of genetic improvement that gives us high-quality pure-bred heifers and the benefit of healthier cows acclimatized to Russian weather and feed conditions, which results in improved productivity. The company made significant investments in Russia’s most modernheifer centers to support its herd regeneration program. This has made Rusmolco self-sufficient without the need to import cows each year to maintain stable herd size. Today we are also able to supply heifers to the small and medium scale farming community.



Agri division produces high quality feed and forages, hence providing a stable cost of feed for our dairy herd. It also ensures an adequate buffer stock for annual feed requirement, which mitigates the risk of unusual weather conditions. In 2022, the company prepared more than 158,000 tons of green mass for haylage, 175,000 tons of green mass for silage, more than 44,000 tons of high moisture corn, as well as 16,400 tons of straw.



Rusmolco is one of the leading crop producers of the Volga region. Currently the company manages about 152 000 hectares of farmland for feed production for its dairy operations and commercial agriculture. Feed production has a strong impact on cost of production of milk as well as guarantees feed availability for such large herds. In 2022 Rusmolco produced about 400 000 mt of forages. By growing commercial crops like wheat, barley, corn, soya, sugarbeet Rusmolco continues to improve its land quality through crop rotation. In 2022, Rusmolco harvested an area of 76,119 hectares. The gross harvest amounted to 642,284 tons of grain, industrial and fodder crops.

In 2022, winter wheat showed outstanding results: the yield was 5.73 tons per hectare which is 1.7 times higher compared to 2021. The total area under the winter wheat was more than 6,300 ha and we harvested 36,200 tons.

Rusmolco has achieved good results in sugarbeet harvesting – 100,000 tons. The company also demonstrates positive dynamics in the oilseeds harvesting. In 2022, the output of soybeans and sunflower is 27,000 tons.


In the sphere of agriculture Rusmolco has invested over 3 billion rubles in the world’s leading agricultural machinery and technology in order to achieve productivity levels that are significantly higher than the standards in the region. The company has taken a pioneering role in growing large scale areas of high protein crop like soya which, in the past, has not been a successful crop in the region. In 2022, Rusmolco planted 6,600 ha of soya and harvested 12,200 tons in total. Rusmolco’s agronomists show good results for such a popular cereal grain as corn: its yield is 7.7 mt per ha from the area of more than 8,000 ha. Both these crops are records for the region.


Rusmolco has made significant investments into infrastructure to support crop production plans:

The construction of central agricultural base in Pachelma which is logistically the most optimal point between our commercial farming operations, machinery fleet maintenance, storage of chemicals, fertilizers and spare parts and controls.

We have also completed construction of grain drying and cleaning facility in Bashmakovo with the capacity of 1,000 mt per day and silo bag grain storage facility for 50,000 mt.


Rusmolco has completed a 100,000 mt capacity commercial elevator that has drying capacity of over 5,000 mt per day. It is the most modern facility of its kind in the Penza region. The elevator is designed with railroad connection and additional silo bag storage capacity on premises of 70,000 mt.


Since the launch of the direction in 2017, Rusmolco has been demonstrating a systematic dynamics of the development of the seed segment by an average of 20% per year. In 2022, the company increased the production of seed material up to 14,000 tons.
Rusmolco has all the necessary resources and equipment for the production of high-quality seed material. The company has built a modern seed plant, established a transport and logistics infrastructure, commissioned dryers and warehouses for storing finished products.

Rusmolco operates a modern seed production center to produce seeds for both internal need and market demand. Currently we produce seeds of wheat, barley, soya, annual and perennial grasses.



The key to the success of Rusmolco is our people. The company has a strong team, which is a good blend of expatriate technical specialists and local managers with extensive experience. The company strongly believes in “Growing responsibly” for long term benefit of suppliers, customers, shareholders and everyone relying on Rusmolco for a livelihood.


“Transcending Boundaries in our Business – Creating Russia’s Most Valuable large scale & Integrated Dairy and Agriculture operations”.


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