July 12, 2020

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Dairy farm for 1200 heads of milk cows in Kuznetsk district of Penza region

The commercial dairy farm in village Tatarskiy Kanadey of Kuznetsk area became the first construction site of “Rusmolco”. The “Russian Dairy Company” inherited the object in a sorry plight. The previous investor had put the freeze on the object at the initial stage of construction. In the project handed over to the “Russian Dairy Company” a number of key nuances had not been considered. Specialists of the company carefully analyzed the design documents, implemented fundamental changes and resumed construction works in 2007. Design capacity of the dairy farm was increased from 800 up to 1200 heads of milking herd. 

Parlor Heifer                 Dairy farm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

The farm on the territory of Kuznetsk area has two cow barns designed for 600 heads each, a milking parlor, a maternity pen, a heifer village. All the operation facilities are staffed with modern European equipment. The dairy was commissioned in spring of 2009 when the first 600 Holstein breeding heifers were delivered to the farm. In September of 2012 the dairy farm was populated with milking herd. The new herd characteristics were significantly different from traditional Russian breeds. Productivity amounted to 25 kg per forage-fed cow per day or nine tons per head per annum. Design capacity of the dairy farm in Kuznetsk was 10 000 tons of premium quality milk per annum.

The broad-scale work performed by “Rusmolco” specialists when implementing the project allowed bringing the dairy farm into compliance with rigid requirements of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture applied to breeding farms. As a result in 2011 the farm in Kuznetsk area received the breeding farm status and commenced its breeding program. The company shifted to a new, higher level of production development, and got the opportunity to sell breeding cattle which has a positive effect on increase of productive livestock in the Penza region.

By now investments of “Rusmolco” into the two facilities in Kuznetsk area amount to about 750 million roubles. The purpose of the investments is to turn the existing farms into a modern reproduction centre of world class with capacity of more than 5500 heads of livestock. The specialized centre will support operations of dairy farms for 3600 heads in Narovchat area and for 4600 heads in Nizhniy Lomov area. Modern methods of calves rearing will be implemented on the farm, then heifers will be bred to get own herd replacements; that will decrease the need to import Holstein heifers from Holland and the USA. All the works are scheduled to be completed in autumn of 2015. The farm will be populated before the end of the current year.



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