February 22, 2024

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Rusmolco was the first in the Penza region to use innovative technology for high moisture corn conservation

Rusmolco, one of the largest producers of the raw milk in the country, was the first in the Penza region to introduce an innovative technology for forage conservation during the harvesting campaign of 2022. The new technology allowed increasing the yield by 1.5 times and reducing the cost of feed.

The technology is fully suitable for the climatic conditions of the Penza region and does not depend on frosts. The resulting feed contains a high concentration of starch and cellulose, and during harvesting, trans-shipment and flattening of corn grains is completely excluded. In addition, the technology makes it possible to unload combine harvesters in the autumn and focus them on harvesting late high-margin crops, such as soybeans and sunflower.

This year, the company's crop producers tested a new type of corn harvesting for concentrated silage (alternative name of the forage conservation) on an area of 1,330 hectares. The croppage amounted to more than 16.6 thousand tons with an average yield of 12.5 tons per hectare. The moisture content of the feed is 45-55% and the starch content is 55-60%. This ratio is the most valuable in the diet of highly productive cows.

The cleaning was carried out by forage combine harvesters, which are usually used for harvesting silage and haylage. For successful operation, the combines were equipped with shearing harvesters, a device for flattening corn cobs and a preservative supply system. Harvesting takes place as follows: the combine with the help of a harvester collects only the cobs from corn plants, the leaves and stems are crushed and scattered on the surface of the field. Thus, the whole cobs (with grain, shank and leaf wrapper) are going to the main working bodies of the combine. The cobs are crushed on a shredding drum and served for flattening in a corn cracker. Then, the flattened mass is going through the unloading overarm into the vehicle and transported to the trench for ramming.

It should be recalled that “Rusmolco” is actively implementing modern technologies and methods in a strategically important crop production branch. The company has its own analytical centre, which allows monitoring of production processes. In 2021, as part of the control of the crop production, “Rusmolco” introduced a system of remote control of farms and automated the analysis of production indicators in the data. The implemented technologies made it possible to detect and prevent deviations and violations in a timely manner, which had a positive impact on the company's economic figures. In addition, the company's specialists form the history of fields using remote monitoring.



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