April 14, 2024

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Rusmolco will sow more than 80.000 hectares in 2023

Rusmolco (one of three largest milk producers in Russia) is actively preparing for the spring sowing campaign of 2023. The company's specialists plan to achieve high yields and fully provide the livestock of cattle with feed of their own production. The plans are to start sowing in April.

For the harvest of 2023, Rusmolco allocated more than 80 thousand hectares. The company plans to sow spring wheat, barley, corn, soy, oats, sunflower, sugar beet, buckwheat, forbs, grass sorghum, peas, alfalfa. In addition, a high–margin crop, mustard, has been added to the crop rotation.

One of the advantages of “Rusmolco” is the presence of its own seed–growing branch, which allows preparing high-quality seeds of grain, legumes, small-seeded crops. In addition, seeds of technical and oilseed crops were fully purchased including sunflower, beetroot and corn.

An important task before sowing is the timely preparation of machinery for the season: The company's farms continue to prepare a transport park containing more than 500 units of combines, seeders, sprayers, loaders, tillage machine, trailer units, etc. Its own park completely covers the needs of “Rusmolco” in transport units during the sowing season.

To date, the company is already 100% provided with plant protection products and mineral fertilizers.

This year, the company has organized a training course for employees of the plant-growing branch. More than 50 specialists are trained with the participation of speakers of leading companies for the production of fertilizers, plant protection products. In addition, Rusmolco conducts training for the company's agrarians on the basis of the Penza State Agrarian University.

The crop production branch of Rusmolco is closely connected with the development of projects in dairy farming. Throughout the entire period of activity, the company fully provides the growing livestock with feed of its own production. To date, a closed cycle has been formed in Rusmolco, including the production, storage and processing of grain. In total, 152,000 hectares of land are taken under control of Rusmolco.


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