February 22, 2024

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Rusmolco goes on developing the staff’s skills under the program “The internal training”

Rusmolco continues an intensive training of the employees under the program “The internal training”. In May, the company organised a training on forage conservation, which is intended to improve the staff’s skills. There were 27 listeners including leading specialists on stockbreeding and crop production, agronomists, animal technicians, engineers and management staff.


The event was held at the company in Penza and was divided into three parts. In terms of the first part, “Rusmolco”, along with the partner supplier of bio preserving agents, made a theoretical material. The speaker was the leading specialist of the partner company.

In the second part, the participants studied “The regulations on feeds”, which helped to learn the basic requirements for organisation, conduct and registration of the results of the animal feed control. Then, all the participants took part in the quiz, aimed at using the acquired knowledge.

An important feature of the training was the participation of the company's internal trainers in the event. During the last two parts, it was the Rusmolco’s specialist, who conducted classes for listeners. Such a format allows improving team spirit and making it easier to perceive information.

In terms of the Internal Training program, the company has already identified several employees for the role of trainers. 10 employees took a special training course with a business coach, where they learned how to structure the material correctly, apply images for easy memorization, and build the learning process in the way that all participants were involved in it.

“Rusmolco” launched the Internal Training program in February 2023, which is a system of training and development of the company's employees at all levels.  The program involves both management staff and production specialists. In terms of the it, a number of events will be organized during 2023 including trainings, lectures, advanced training courses, practical training in production and many others.



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