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Rusmolco bestowed scholarships to the best students of the agricultural university

The Russian Dairy Company, one of the largest producers of the raw milk in the Russian Federation, awarded scholarships to nine students of the Penza State Agrarian University. The bestowal of distinguished students is a good long–standing tradition at Rusmolco. This year an award ceremony was held for the tenth time.


The event took place on September 1 in the Penza State Agrarian University. Oleg Melnichenko, Governor of the Penza region, gave the start to the ceremony. High-ranking people attended that event: Valery Lidin, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, Oleg Kukharev, Penza State Agrarian University President, etc. Rusmolco was represented by Yulia Brykina, Head of the HR department.

Future agronomists, engineers, animal technicians and veterinarians received scholarships, letters of appreciation and gift certificates.

"Cooperating with students is an important part of the personnel policy at Rusmolco, an excellent opportunity to find out promising personnel. Summer practical works at our enterprises help future specialists to learn peculiarities of the chosen profession and to get new professional competencies. On-the-job training supports the students in a quick adaptation to a new team, finding a common language with future colleagues," - highlighted Yulia Brykina.

Below you can read some stories on successful internships at Rusmolco enterprises by students of the Penza State Agrarian University:

A student of the agronomy division of the Penza State Agrarian University, was involved in the agronomist works at Rusmolco’s business unit located in the Kuznetsk area: soil tillage and fertilization, crop protection against diseases and pests. He was happy to put his theoretical knowledge into practice.

 Students of the zoo-engineering division of the University interned at the largest Rusmolco’s dairy farm in the Serdobsk area. They took care of calves and cows, learned the ropes of the milking technology, etc.

Veterinarian students were completely absorbed in their work: they examined animals, took tests, and diagnosed diseases if any.

Future engineers together with the company's professionals took part in the machinery preparation for field works, repair of harvesters, formation of a pool of spare parts and consumables.

For information: the Russian Dairy Company introduced scholarships to the best students of the Penza State Agrarian University in 2012. Under the agreement between the Penza State Agrarian University and the Russian Dairy Company, every summer upper-year students do practical trainings at Rusmolco’s enterprises. Scholarship holders are students who successfully complete internships and get good and excellent marks for studies at the University.

September 5, 2022


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