February 22, 2024

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Rusmolco ranks within the top three largest milk producers in The Russian Federation

For the second year at a time, the Russian Dairy Company enters the top three largest milk producers in Russia. The rating "TOP 30 of Milk Producers" is published by the National Union of Milk Producers – Soyuzmoloko.  In 2021, the Russian Dairy Company significantly increased its production volume by 34% - up to 175 thousand tons of milk. That allowed Rusmolco to become a leader in the annual volume growth among the largest market players.

The annual increase in production volumes is the result of the systematic implementation of the company's dairy development strategy, the main objectives of which are to increase milk production and to realize the full potential of the dairy herd. Under the strategy Rusmolco builds new farms and streamlines existing ones. So, in 2021, Rusmolco launched the largest dairy farm for 7,200 dairy cows in the Serdobsk area, Penza region. As soon as the farm reaches the full capacity, the milk production will set up as 100 thousand tons of milk per year.

In addition to say, Rusmolco continues to introduce modern technologies in the processes of milking, feeding, reproduction and rearing young animals. The improvement of the feed base and genetic potential of animals impacts significantly positively the milk production as well.

To date, the company's farms contain more than 31.5 thousand heads. The average milk production is 12 tons of milk per year per head.

A rating of the largest milk producers in the Russian Federation is issued annually by the National Union of Milk Producers - Soyuzmoloko. The volume of the milk production of the market leaders totaled 3.87 million tons — 9% or 320 thousand tons more than a year earlier. A share of the TOP – 30 rating participants is 16% of the total gross milk production of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the increase in the TOP 30 is higher than in the dairy industry overall (plus 250 thousand tons).

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