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Rusmolco welcomes students for summer practical works

The Russian Dairy Company (a subsidiary of Olam International, Singapore), a leading producer of raw milk in the Penza region and one of the largest raw milk producers in the Russian Federation, has started summer practical trainings for students of agricultural institutes, universities and academies. Students of agricultural institutions have started their summer practical works at Rusmolco’s farms in June. In total, the company will welcome 30 third- and fourth-year students. During the three summer months, trainees will get acquainted with all the production processes and understand the principle of operations of the modern high-tech agricultural holding.

A place of work for the trainees is determined depending on their places of residence: Rusmolco’s farm should be close to that area. During the internship, the students are provided with housing, transportation and lunches.

During the internship period, mentors supervise all the students. The mentor provides assistance in the profession mastering, introduces the technological process at the farm and cultivates a sense of personal responsibility for the effective work on a trusted site. In addition, the mentor helps trainees to get all the required professional skills in the shortest period of time and creates conditions for the comfortable adaptation in the team and getting successful results upon completion of the training. Students work full time under the guidance of experienced employees, perform tasks of supervisors.


During the internship, Rusmolco’s HR specialists are actively engaged in the life of trainees, too. They monitor the results of the professional success of the students. At the end of the internship, the best students will get a scholarship from Rusmolco with a future chance to be employed by the Company.  


Summer practical work or training is a mutually beneficial cooperation. On the one hand, Rusmolco gets a chance to learn professional characteristics of the students – future employees. On the other hand, trainees, in their turn, get an opportunity to study the production, learn rules and regulations of farming enterprises. Then, in 1- 2 years, after the graduation from the institute, a student will be ready to take the right decision whether to continue his or her professional career along with Rusmolco.

Students, you are welcome to intern at the Russian Dairy Company! We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

June 18, 2020


For the matters of employment and making appointment for interview, please, apply to the HR Department of “Russian Dairy Company”.

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