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Happy Children's Day

Traditionally, on June 01 the word celebrates a Universal Children's Day!

The Russian Dairy Company (a subsidiary of Olam International Group, Singapore), one of the leaders of the RF dairy industry and the largest producer of raw milk in the Penza region, congratulates all the children with this day.

Continuity of generations is an important principle of Rusmolco: family values are an integral part of the HR policy of the company.

Today, there are over 1 490 people working for the Russian Dairy Company. Totally, Rusmolco brings up 625 children. There are 99 multi-child families with three and more kids. 

Rusmolco pays a special attention at the work with young generation: specialists of the company explain children production processes at the farms, show the work of machinery at the fields and the work of the elevator. By this way, the company nurtures an interest of kids and teenagers to the agriculture. The children get a chance to learn features and advantages of the work at modern agricultural enterprises.

Moreover, the company regularly organizes different events and competitions with prizes and sweet gifts (New Year parties, Day of Knowledge, etc.). 

Rusmolco strongly believes that such an approach will help the young generation to choose a right profession in the future and will arouse a desire to continue their parents’ legacy.

Look at the faces of these children: they are bright and happy!

Let our children always remain smiling and joyful!

Let them teach us, adults, to love each other, to be patient and to respect each other!

All the happiness, health and many many halcyon days!


June 01, 2020


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