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Rusmolco congratulates a Great Patriotic War veteran with Victory day

On May 08, 2020, the entire world celebrates 75 years after the Second World War ending.
We remember the Great Heroical Deed of all the people who fought courageously during that hell of a time.
They are always in our hearts!
During that War, 27 million Russians were killed, tortured to death, incinerated, violated, and died by starvation. In loving memory…
A number of the Second World War veterans is implacably going down. This year, the Russian Dairy Company has got only one person in its list of veterans, working, once upon a time, at its farms. His name is Boris Kazurov. Here we would like to tell you his life history:
Boris was born on January 28, 1926 in Michkass village of the Penza region. In 1927, his family moved to Titovo village.  In 1943, at 17 years old, Boris was ordered to the active duty. During the war, he covered a lot of ground and became a driver of Konstantin Rokossovskiy, Marshall and twice Hero of the Soviet Union. 


Boris Kazurov was awarded of the Order of the Great Patriotic War and some medals. After demobilization in 1950, he came back to his motherland - a village of Titovo. He started working at Titovo farm (currently it is a part of Rusmolco) as a driver, then as a combine driver and after that he was promoted and appointed a garage foreman.


For all the time, Boris Kazurov has shown himself as a very responsible and reliable worker.
The management and employees of the Russian Dairy Company highly appreciate Boris’ contribution to the Great Victory and wish him and everybody a peaceful sky, prosperity and good health for many-many years ahead.

May 12, 2020


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