July 12, 2020

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Rusmolco has updated an approach to the feed preparation process

The Russian Dairy Company, leading milk producer in the Penza region and one of the largest in the country, has updated the technology of the feed preparation process. The purpose of the innovation is to reduce the cost of the feed and improve its quality.

The work is carried out in order to obtain much quantity of the feeds and to reduce the cost of the production. At the same time, we need to save the quality: the own feeds of Rusmolco are always rich in protein and oligo-elements which is very important for the cows.

What is the Russian Dairy Company doing to achieve this goal? The Company is expanding the area under alfalfa, planting sorghum-sudan grass hybrids, monitoring and correcting the pH level in the soil.

In June – July 2019, Rusmolco will grass 1 850 hectares under perennial grasses, of which 1 400 hectares will be covered with alfalfa - perennial grass, one of the main elements of the diet of the cattle.

This spring, on the newly acquired lands of the Serdobsk area, Rusmolco has put 1 300 hectares under alfalfa. But, alfalfa will give good results only on the second season. Nevertheless, we need to feed our cows now. That is why, the agronomists of Rusmolco have brought their focus on the production of annual grasses, which are also rich in protein and nutrients. In 2018, the company turned its attention to the sorghum-sudan grass, which gave a good account of itself in our climate.  The main agronomic advantage of sorghum-sudan grass is its exceptional drought resistance and intensive growth. During the evolution, the sorghum adapted to the lack of moisture and now it manages to use it in the most efficient way. All these characteristics make the sorghum-sudan grass very functional for the agriculture.

Rusmolco plans to use more than 4 000 hectares under sorghum-sudan grass for haylage preparation. And the test area of 346 hectares - for silage.

"We appreciate this grass for its high yield and plasticity.  It suits well to form the basis of the diet for the cattle. Green mass can be used as green fodder, hay, haylage and silage," - commented the innovation Victor Eremtsov, COO Agri.  

Another innovation is a change in the technology of work with the soil:  this year Rusmolco pays a special attention to the control and correction of the pH level. In order to adjust the pH level, the agronomists apply the phosphorite meal. The application of this mineral fertilizer allows increasing the quality and quantity of the green mass and, therewith, reducing its cost.

 June 06, 2019.


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