April 5, 2020

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Rusmolco has started the sowing campaign

The farms under Rusmolco’s management began the spring sowing campaign. Taking into account weather conditions, works go without any deviation from the schedule. In 2019, the company plans to sow 52 500 hectares with spring crops in different areas of the Penza region.

The first site where the spring sowing works began is Bashmakovo. Here there are 7 500 hectares prepared for panting spring crops.

In Pachelma, Rusmolco will use 11 000 hectares for spring crops seeding. That is the largest site designed for spring crops.

In Narovchat, Rusmolco will impregnate 8 700 hectares. Significant areas will be involved in Kamenka, Kuznetsk, Belinsk, Serdobsk and Nizhniy Lomov.

Rusmolco began preparatory works for the sowing campaign in advance. The crop acreages have been tilled in autumn yet. That is why in spring Rusmolco just needs to make pre-sowing cultivation and then sowing itself. The Russian Dairy Company is going to complete all the sowing operations in the optimal terms. “The advantage of this year is that the weather helps us”, - commented the situation Victor Eremtsov, COO Agri.

The crop production is one of the most important activities of Rusmolco. The land bank of the company exceeds 156 000 hectares and allows to provide a livestock with its own feeds.

April 23, 2019


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