August 15, 2020

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«Rusmolco» has opened a classroom in Penza agricultural university

The Russian Dairy Company, one of the largest milk producers in the Russian Federation, has opened a classroom in the Penza State Agrarian University. The opening ceremony was confined to the beginning of the academic year.

On September 1, 2017, the ribbon at the entrance to a new classroom was cut by Andrey Burlakov, Minister of Agriculture of the Penza region; Vladimir Reznichenko,  the first deputy of CEO of  Rusmolco company; and Oleg Kukharev, Penza State Agrarian University president. The event was also attended by Ivan Firyulin, deputy of the State Duma; specialists of Rusmolco, students and professors of the university.


A specialized classroom for students of the technological faculty, prepared by Rusmolco, is equipped with all the things required for studies. The modern classroom will improve the educational process and make it more visible from the practical point of view.

«Opening of specialized classrooms has become a good tradition for us. It's worth noting that this year the classroom was opened by Rusmolco -  leading agricultural company of our region. Earlier, our classrooms have been opened by dealers and manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as seeds and chemicals  producers. I am sure that this experience will be interesting for other agricultural companies, too. We are going to continue this practice. A big advantage of having such classrooms is that our future specialists will be able not only to get high standard knowledge but also to learn all the processes and agricultural technologies ab intra. This is a great and invaluable experience which is really appreciated a lot», - commented Andrey Burlakov.

«The Russian Dairy Company has been cooperating with the University for many years. We are always glad to see its students at our enterprises, to help them to study the latest technologies both in dairy and agri branches», - said Vladimir Reznichenko.

Since its opening, Rusmolco has been paying a serious attention to the training of young specialists. A cooperation with a leading agrarian university started in 2012. For many years, the company has been paying scholarships to the best students. As usual, after their graduation, they join the Rusmolco team. 

In addition, it is necessary to highlight that specialists of Rusmolco are active participants of the educational process at the Penza State Agrarian University: they give lectures on different disciplines and organize practical trainings for students.

September 05, 2017

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