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Vladimir Reznichenko celebrates 45 years of working career

On April 13, Vladimir Reznichenko, first deputy general director of Rusmolco, celebrated 45 years of his professional experience.

Sumanta Kumar De, Rusmolco’s CEO, and the entire team of Rusmolco congratulated Vladimir Grigorievich with that remarkable date and wished him good health, good luck and forces for further achievements. Vladimir Reznichenko is a very happy man because, on the one side, he is successful in his career, but, on the other side, he is a lovely husband, perfect father and the kindest grandfather. That is a big success to be surrounded by such a friendly family! In this case, a man will be very effective in his work!

The minister of agriculture of the Penza Region, Andrey Burlakov, joined the congratulations.

“Vladimir Grigorievich has made a great contribution to the development of the agricultural sector of the Penza Region. He started his career as a simple worker on the land and made his way to the Head of an agricultural administration. For nine years, he ruled the regional ministry of agriculture. We appraise a lot his contribution to the industry. Thanks to Vladimir Grigoryevich's work, the agriculture of the region became attractive for Russian and foreign investors. I congratulate Vladimir Grigoryevich with all my heart! On behalf of the agrarians of the Penza region, I’m grateful for the development of the agricultural branch of the economy", - said Andrey Burlakov. The minister wished Vladimir Reznichenko good health, success and all the best.

Vladimir Reznichenko graduated from the Penza State Academy of Agriculture. He holds a title of PhD in Agricultural Sciences. He was a head of the Serdobsk Administration of the Penza Region. In 2000 - 2009, he headed the Penza Region Ministry of Agriculture, and at the same time, he was a deputy chairman of the regional government. For more than 20 years, he managed agricultural enterprises of the Penza Region. In 2012, Vladimir Reznichenko was appointed as a deputy general director of Rusmolco.

Vladimir Reznichenko is an honored agricultural worker of the Russian Federation and holds a gold medal “For the contribution to the development of the Russian agricultural sector”. In 2009 he received a badge from the governor of the Penza Region “To the glory of the Penza land”, in 2014 – a medal of the Order of “Merit for the Penza Region”. In 2015 he was awarded with a  title “Honorary Citizen of the Penza Region”.

April 13, 2016


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