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Largest dairy producers met in Penza

A delegation of the Republic of Tatarstan visited agricultural enterprises of the Penza region. Experts in the field of milk production shared their experience and agreed on further cooperation for the development of the industry.

On August 12, 2015, a delegation of the Republic of Tatarstan visited facilities of the Russian Dairy Company and Damate Group. The delegation was headed by Marat Akhmetov, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan, and by Ayrat Khayrullin, first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Agriculture. From the side of the Penza region, RUSMOLCO facilities were attended by Valery Savin, chairman of the government of the Penza region and Andrey Burlakov, Minister of Agriculture of the Penza region.  


Sumanta Kumar De, CEO of Rusmolco, and   Rashid Khairov, CEO of Damate, explained to the representatives of the Tatarian region the particular features of the agricultural business of the Penza region.

Work of the delegation started at the dairy for 4600 heads in Arshinovka village.  Guests from Tatarstan appreciated the scale of the modern milk production. They made a round of the facilities of the dairy farm, learnt the technology, spoke to specialists.  

The largest dairy in the country is designed to produce 120 tons of milk per day or 46 000 tons per year. Today the number of the livestock is 5 100 heads, out of them 3 500 are cows. Now a farm produces more than 80 tons of milk a day. For the last seven months, the dairy has produced 17.6 tons of milk. Milk production per cow is more than 5 000 kg.

"Russia is the world's largest importer of milk and a country that could provide one or two billion people with food.  However, today Russia depends much on imported stuffs. We should use sanctions in order to organize an import substitution. Production facilities of Rusmolco is a unique complex realized  as a result of the consolidation of forces of the Singaporean company Olam International Limited and the Russian investors represented by RUSMOLCO.  That is an exceptional project showing us brilliant results. We hope that due to this cooperation much more new farms will be built in future. I am sure that, eventually, Russia will become the largest producer of milk and beef in the world,"- commented Ayrat Khayrullin.

"A unique dairy, a unique design, outstanding results!" - added Marat Akhmetov. - Though in Tatarstan there are 10 such farms, the experience of Rusmolco is a very serious dairy school for us. Since 2006, we have invested almost 60 billion into the dairy farming. Today we are a TOP 1 region in the Russian Federation in terms of milk production (1.8 million tons). And for us that is very important to get paid off our investments. So, any experience is good for us”.

Sumanta Kumar De, CEO of Rusmolco and vice president of Olam International, said: "We are pleased to share all the required information with our colleagues. And we hope that will help to improve the situation with milk production in Russia. Nowadays, when the Russian dairy farming is on its initial stage of the development, we should not compete to each other but interact and learn from each other. Because any mistake in this business can be costly. I am glad that today we welcome leaders of the agricultural branch of 2 regions. I believe that they will convey our wishes to the federal ministry because the further development of the sector is not possible without a governmental support. "

The agricultural potential of the Penza region was also represented by a turkey business of the group of companies Damate. A processing plant in Nizhniy Lomov and turkey platforms are a striking example of the modern agricultural model.


"We are very happy that the delegation of the Republic of Tatarstan, one of the leaders of the agricultural sector of the Russian Federation, visited our facilities, - said Rashid Khairov, CEO Damate.  – As usual, we go to Tatarstan to learn, to take over an experience. We are thankful that, this time, our tatarian colleagues have found time and came to the Penza region. This year we declared to produce 60 000 tons of turkey meat per year. And in view of that, the opinion of highly qualified tatarian experts will help us to assess the level of the progress done during the last years and to make necessary adjustments.

Valery Savin, chairman of the government of the Penza region, also took part in the work with the delegation of the Republic of Tatarstan. "We have been cooperating with Tatarstan over the years in various fields. And we would like to continue our collaboration in future, - said the chairman of the region. - The fact, that representatives of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and of the Republic of Tatarstan highly appraised the development of the dairy and poultry branches of the Penza region, confirms that the region is moving forward in the development of agriculture and import substitution. Today, it is very important for us to see products “made in Penza” on the shelves. I travel a lot and I have been to many regions of our country. I am proud every time when I see turkey meat “Indi - light” (brand of Damate) in many large retail chains. I am sure that the geography and market of “Indi - light” will expand, "- said Valery Savin.

The sides agreed on further mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of the development of the dairy branch of the Russian Federation.


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