September 25, 2023

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Rusmolco will prepare 450,000 tons of feed in 2022

The Russian Dairy Company has started a forage harvesting campaign in the Penza region. The company's farms plan to lay in about 450,000 tons of feed, which is 34% more than a year earlier. The increase in stock volumes is reasoned by the growing number of livestock – as of now it is more than 32,000 heads.

The company provides the growing livestock with feed of its own production, which allows to control the efficiency of fattening the cows and the quality of the raw milk. The basis of the ration of the livestock of the company is green feed. In 2022, Rusmolco will harvest more than 184,000 tons of green mass for haylage, up to 230,000 tons of green mass of corn (increase by 50%), more than 36,000 tons of corn as high moisture corn, as well as 17,000 tons of straw.

The work is being carried out in six areas of the Penza region where the agricultural lands of Rusmolco are located: Kuznetsk, Serdobsk, Narovchat, Nizhniy Lomov, Kamenka, Penzenskiy.

To date, the company's specialists have already completed the first of three mowing of perennial grasses on the area of 8,477 hectares, the average yield is 6.7 tons of green mass per hectare. The first mowing of annual grasses has also finished on the area of 3,193 hectares with an average yield of 6.9 tons per hectare.

220 people and about 150 pieces of equipment of the world's leading manufacturers are involved in the feed preparation: Claas, John Deere, Krone, ROC, Umega, Fliegel, Case, etc.

Providing cattle with the feed of the own production is an integral part of Rusmolco's activities. In addition to add, the company manages an elevator and a grain drying facility as well. The total land bank of Rusmolco is over 152,000 hectares in various areas of the Penza region. Modern crop production technologies are used in the processes of sowing, growing, and foraging. The company’s specialists are constantly tackling to improve the efficiency of the cattle feeding rations and diets.

July 4,2022


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