August 15, 2020

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Employee of Rusmolco took part in all-russian competition «Best in the profession»


On September 6, 2017, the 26-th all-Russian competition of professional milkers took place in the Republic of Mordovia. Over there, the Penza region was represented by Natalia Kiritova, milking operator from a Rusmolco’s farm.


Natalia Kiritova has been working for the company since its foundation and has declared herself as a highly qualified milker. At the competition, Natalya presented the Penza region with dignity, having passed all the stages of the competition: test of theoretical knowledge and demonstration of practical skills which include the following: disassembling and assembling of milking equipment, sanitation conditions, process of milking.

A jury of 36 people appraised the knowledge of the competitors. A committee was headed by Kharon Amerkhanov, head of the Livestock and Breeding Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. At the end of the main part of the event, representatives of the RF Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Food of the Republic of Mordovia congratulated winners and participants, and thanked them for the high results of their work. 

«A dairy branch is a strategic direction for our state. Despite its capital intensity, this is a very important social sector», - highlighted Kharon Amerkhanov.


The Ministry of Agriculture of the Penza region thanked Natalia Kiritova for the participation and worthy representation of the region as well as Rusmolco Company for a high performance of the work done in the field of the training personnel for the agricultural business of the region.

September 8, 2017


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