September 26, 2020

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Milk production of Rusmolco crosses 200 mt a day

The Russian Dairy Company reached a milk production level of 200 tons per day. Significant growth has become possible by virtue of increasing the milking herd and improving technological processes.

In May 2017, one of the leaders of the Russian dairy farming, the Russian Dairy Company (joint venture with Olam International, Singapore), produced 200 tons of milk per day, which is 22% higher compared to May 2016. The plans of Rusmolco are quite ambitious: to expand its production capacity by 1200 stalls, to increase the livestock up to 8.2 thousand heads and to produce 72,000 tons of milk by the end of the year. 

In order to achieve such a high indicator, Rusmolco increased the number of livestock up to 16 500 heads, improved the feeding program and the quality of feeds (Rusmolco has over 20 000 ha under feed production) and the housing conditions of the cattle.

One more important factor of high milk production is a specially developed genetic plan aimed at increasing the productive longevity of animals, improving their health parameters and realizing their full genetic potential. The company carried out serious work to improve the personnel qualification turning special attention to the use of innovative software and up-to-date technologies 

As a result, the joint efforts of all the company's specialists led to the fact that the average daily milk yield per one head today is 30 liters, which is twice more than an average production in Russia and it is comparable to the best western dairy farms. It is worth also mentioning that 97% of the milk, produced by Rusmolco, is of the highest premium quality.

The growing volume of high quality milk is one of the key factors, which allows the largest dairy processing companies like Danone, Molkom, Sarmich to carry on a long-term collaboration with Rusmolco. Processors need high quality milk for their best products as cheese, yogurt, kefir, etc. 

Some comments from customers:

«We have been cooperating with Rusmolco since 2011. During this time, the Russian Dairy Company has become for us not only a supplier of high quality milk, but also a reliable partner. High quality raw milk production and excellent management culture – that is how I could describe Rusmolco today», - commented on Alexey Ryabkov, sales director, Danone Group Russia and CIS.

«Rusmolco is one of the most reliable suppliers of raw milk for us for five years already. The plant «Mega Master» produces cheeses under the brand «Borovsky cheese» and «VitaLat», which require the highest quality milk. The Russian Dairy Company is able to provide us with the necessary quality of the raw material», - said German Karnaukh, general director of «Mega Master». 

May 24, 2017


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