September 26, 2020

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Conference at speed plant

A regional meeting devoted to the preparation of seeds for the sowing season 2017 was held on the basis of Rusmolco’s seed plant in the Bashmakovo area. 

The event, which took place on March 29, was attended by Eduard Katashov, temporary Minister of Agriculture of the Penza Region, heads of regional administrative agricultural departments, heads of agricultural enterprises, representatives of companies-originators of seeds and management and employees of Rusmolco.

Victor Eremtsov, COO Agri of Rusmolco, presented the seed plant to all the guests. He told about grain processing and demonstrated a potential of the up-to-date equipment. Participants of the conference had a look at seed storage facilities, a dryer, as well as a weighbridge and a laboratory.

The seed plant can prepare seeds of different crops. In addition, the factory possesses a modern equipment for seed cleaning, calibration and treatment. The production capacity of the plant is 10 tons per hour, which will cover in full Rusmolco’s needs in seeds, and it gives an opportunity to prepare seeds for third-party enterprises.

Rusmolco’s specialists showed completely prepared seeds of soya and wheat. All the visitors got booklets with description of various seeds sorts produced by Rusmolco.

«At the moment, we are intensively preparing seed material for the sowing season 2017. License and sublicense contracts are being concluded with the originators of seeds sorts. We are purchasing high quality seeds in order to use them for futher reproduction. Rusmolco deals with cultivation of winter wheat, spring wheat, spring brewing barley, soya, buckwheat, flax», - said Victor Eremtsov to the participants of the conference. He emphasized that Rusmolco is open for the dialogue, therefore, companies, which are interested in buying seeds, can visit Rusmolco’s farms in order to get acquainted with a programme of crops growing.  

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April 13, 2017


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